History of GHYRA


The concept of GHYRA, was the brainchild of Doug Gray, a resident of Burlington and member of Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, who was later to become a founding member of Burlington Sailing and Boating Club.

Racing commenced on June 21st, 1970 with 37 boats registered, from the fleets at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Oakville Yacht Squadron, and Bronte Harbour.

Racing was carried out under the LOR handicap system, and Doug’s wife Janet, became the scorer and result keeper for the association. Janet has kept scrupulous records of all events from 1970 to 1990.


Doud Gray, (the founder of GHYRA) can be seen here handing an award to Danny Karfel


Danny Karfel presented the club with two major trophies, the Sextant and the Cannon, presented annually to the overall GHYRA champions.


The schedule had been extended to 10 races, with 41 boats registered. Burlington Sailing and Boating Club joined the association.


On September 24th, 1978 tragedy struck, a massive storm overcame a Shark in Toronto and two people on the boat died.

Meanwhile, Jack Mitchell was in the vicinity of the Shell Pier in his Shark. He was washed overboard; but, with a great display of courage and seamanship, his young sons managed to retrieve him, and beach the boat safely on Bronte Beach.


The PHRF handicap system was adopted by the association.


Doug and Janet Gray continued to play a major roles in the association until 1990. In that year Paul Keeley became chairman and Sue Cooper took over the position of secretary.


The association continued to flourish with the addition of 50 Point Yacht Club


Hamilton Boating Club at Newport joined.

The Fred Gilbank Memorial Trophy was deeded to GHYRA by David Groves of BSBC., to be presented to the crew-person on the overall winner of the double handed series.


GYHRA took a hiatus.


Racing resumed


The association continues to mount a 9 race schedule, for the remaining 5 clubs, under a new mandate.