2022 RaceQs Replay

Race Replays

It was encouraged to use raceQs to track the fleet during the races 

We have captured about 1/2 of the fleet on instant replay. 

Race 1 - Pursuit

Race 2 - Fleet

Race 3 - Pursuit

Race 4 - Fleet

Race 5 - Pursuit 

RaceQs Setup:

We would like to record all the races for everyone to review after the race.  To do so we would like everyone to use RaceQs to record their track during the race.  RaceQs runs on your phone.  It tracks you boat and once you upload the file your boats track will be added to the fleet race.  We hope to publish the final race replay on the website after the races.

How to use RaceQs:

1) Signup and download RaceQs to your phone (more than one person can have it running on a boat) 


2) Enter your boat name in the setup. (so we know which boat it is).

3) Prior to the race.  (even before you leave the dock)

4) After the race Upload your track.

This is the min you need to do for us to create the reply.  There is some really cool features, so check it out.